Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Updates To G-Client

Since announcing package G-Client a couple of weeks ago, I've checked in a few updates at the SVN repository as summarized below. I'll hold off from making intermediate releases as packaged tarballs.

Summary Of Recent Updates

  • All interactions with the server now use utf-8 as the process encoding.
  • The calendar module can now quick add events.
  • Fixed an url-encoding bug when specifying time values during event creation.

And other minor fixes too numerous to fit in this margin ...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blogging From Emacs -- Emacs 21.4 Tips

I announced package g-client on Friday. Since then, a couple of users have reported issues with it, all of which can be traced back to the fact that I run Emacs-22 (CVS Emacs) by default.

My friend Leigh Klotz has written up the issues he ran into; Here are fixes along with explanations.

This file contains automatically generated autoload definitions for customization options. Emacs 22 lets one specify the name of the generated file --- and step make config uses that to produce g-cus-load.el. Under emacs21, the make config step produces that file, but under the name cus-load.el for now, renaming that file to g-cus-load.el should do the trick.
Package g relies on Emacs' browse-url package to hand off HTML pages to the browser of choice. Customize option browse-url-browser-function lets you pick the browser you want. If you like living entirely in Emacs, I recommend emacs/W3m. Emadcs/W3 also works --- though it's harder to get going under Emacs 21.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Blogging From Inside Emacs

From The Everything Can Be Done In Emacs Dept:

See Emacs Blogger for details on an updated Emacs module for blogging using the new Blogger API. This replaces the now obsolete atom-blogger released in early 2006 for blogging using the old Blogger API. Emacs Blogger is part of a large suite of Emacs clients to Google Services that I have been developing; you can find more details on my Emacspeak blog post. I originally developed this client for use within Emacspeak, but there is no Emacspeak dependency in the code --- if you're an Emac suser who knows that Emacs is a more productive environment than a browser, then this is for you!